How to do The Bench Dip Exercise

The bench Dip exercise is considered as a medium intensity exercise, in which you use your body weight to strengthen your triceps muscles.

It is a very good type of exercise as it really easy to lean and to perform, without the need to any specific equipment .

How To Perform The Exercise

First of all you have to find a stable support like the one they use in the gyms which called the exercise bench, any support can be used as long as it is stable,  wider than your shoulders and 2 or 3 feet up from the ground.

The idea of the exercise is to to put each hand on the side of the exercise bench and try to grip the edge of the exercise bench for more support.

Then you have to use your arms to push your butt up and off the exercise bench, and you have to keep your arms straight and to extend your knees forward so that it can no longer bend Continue reading “How to do The Bench Dip Exercise”

How to do Sit Ups

Sit ups are a very a good way to build and to develop your abdominal muscles, and the good thing in this exercise that you don’t even need any special equipment like other types of exercises.

The basic form

1- Start by laying down on your back on a flat and a hard surface, with your knees bent at 90 degrees angle and your feet flat on the ground like the following figure.

2- Put your fingers on the back of your ears, now you have to bend your elbows in a position pointing out at your sides.

notice that some people try to do some trick or mistaken positions by placing their hand and fingers around their neck, and this position will lead them to use their arms muscles and pull their self from the neck to perform the exercise.

But you also can put your hand over the chess in a crossed form if that suitable for you, like the figure:

3- Left up your torso from the ground toward your thighs as possible, you have to do that in a smooth way and avoid doing sudden movement  as it will harm you and your muscles, you have to keep your motion steady while keeping your feet flat on the floor.

when you finish lifting up your torso from the ground, your lower back should be off the floor.

4- The next step is the inverse of the last one, now you have to go back to your starting position and to you have to keep the motion steady and smooth as possible as you can. and this is very important and you have to take seriously, some people develop lower back pain and even vertebral disc prolapse by doing this exercise in a wrong way, so please keep your self calm and try to concentrate and to breath normally  while doing it, and never hold your breath while trying to force yourself doing that exercise.

5- Now you have to repeat that exercise on 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Note: you can give your self 1 minute or 2 between each set, and never force yourself in adding more repetition without taking your time to rest until your muscles get more stronger.


1- Weighted sit ups

You can do that by holding a dumbbell or barbell weight against your chest and crossing your arms over it, or simply holding it by your hands.

never do that exercise if you are a beginner, this type of variation is for more advanced trainers.

you have to start with some light weight and then progress to more heavy ones as a gradual process.

2- Twisted sit ups

To perform this types of sit ups, the starting position is just the same the regular sit up, but when you left your torso from ground you have to to twist and to try to touch your left knee with your right elbow, then to go back to the starting position.

the next repetition have to be the opposite of the previous one, now you have to touch your right knee with the right elbow.

Push Exercises what they are, and how to start with

Push exercises focus mainly on pectoral muscles, shoulders muscles and triceps muscle, But let me tell you something about it, push exercises if it done only using body wright can work also on many other muscles as well, it can play a major role in strengthening your abs muscles and the rest of your body muscles.

indeed, once you progress to the more intensive types of push ups  like One arm push up or semi-Planche , you no longer need to work your core muscles separately, and this is a great advantage of this type of exercise over other types. Continue reading “Push Exercises what they are, and how to start with”

How to Get your priorities the right way

Prioritization is a big word for underscoring your weak focuses and de-emphasizing your solid focuses. The main thing you have to do is figure out what those are. The most ideal approach to get an exact evaluation is a posture before a judge, a contender, or just somebody who knows physical make-up symmetry. In any case, in light of the fact that the greater part of you either can’t or won’t request that a specialist watch you flex, computerized photography and mirrors are precious apparatuses for seeing yourself from different edges.

The essential thing is to get or give a goal assessment, in light of the fact that pinpointing your weaknesses is the best way to target them accurately.

Despite the fact that everybody has a shortcoming, once in a while this is something—like tight clavicles or high calves or cloudy molding—not effortlessly remedied by means of lifting metal. You might not have an imperfection that can be tended to in exercises. In case you’re one of those fortunate and uncommon individuals, you can in any case underscore particular zones, for example, bear width or leg clear or back thickness—for time frames. Prioritization is an awesome inspiration. Phil Heath, in interview with Hany Rambod, and Flex Lewis, guided by Neil Hill, both think of no less than one physical make-up territory on which to center their preparation in planning for their yearly Olympia guards. Now and again this isn’t a blemish however a quality used to battle off others. By accentuating its preparation, they make certain it remains a key weapon and never turns into a weakness.