How to do The Bench Dip Exercise

The bench Dip exercise is considered as a medium intensity exercise, in which you use your body weight to strengthen your triceps muscles.

It is a very good type of exercise as it really easy to lean and to perform, without the need to any specific equipment .

How To Perform The Exercise

First of all you have to find a stable support like the one they use in the gyms which called the exercise bench, any support can be used as long as it is stable,  wider than your shoulders and 2 or 3 feet up from the ground.

The idea of the exercise is to to put each hand on the side of the exercise bench and try to grip the edge of the exercise bench for more support.

Then you have to use your arms to push your butt up and off the exercise bench, and you have to keep your arms straight and to extend your knees forward so that it can no longer bend

The next step is to lower your body slowly and firmly by bending your elbows, and stop until your upper arms are parallel to the floor,  and remember to inhale as you lower your body and never stop breathing.

After that you have to return to your starting position to complete one repetition.


You have to repeat that exercise like 15-20 repetition per exercise. and remember to increase it with time.

At first you will find this exercise is very hard to accomplish, but with time it will be more easier , as you your muscles especially the triceps will gain more force and have bigger musculature.

You have to do the bench dips three or four times a week for 6-8 weeks in order to start seeing some results.

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